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Charley's Garage is an exclusive Toyota repair shop. We are a small shop with a big passion for Toyota’s. We have been serving Boulder for 14 years, and have 75 years of Toyota experience. So what ever your Toyota may need, we can handle it! You may need a clutch for your old Corolla, or perhaps a tune up for your Tundra. How about a 4-wheel brake job for your 4-Runner?

We will even do a carb overhaul on your Corona! Weather you drive a Camry, Highlander, Matrix, Tercel, Sequoia, FJ Cruiser, Prius, Tacoma, We can take care of it!

But wait!.

We do work on a few car’s that do not sport the Toyota badge. Why? Because to us, they are pretty much a Toyota… They use Toyota drive components. The Chevy Nova from the mid 80’s era was mostly a Toyota Corolla.. We call it a Novarolla! The Geo Prism of the early 90’s was mostly a Corolla as well. The new Pontiac Vib to us is pretty much a Toyota Matrix.. I get all my parts from Toyota for these car’s. There is a slight difference in the body work, and a few interior features. But the drive train is Toyota.. Another exciting vehicle we work on is the Scion. This car is manufactured and sold by Toyota. And again, we just consider them a good quality Toyota.. The Scion XA, XB, XD, and TC, are all welcome! We can also install the TRD add on performance equipment to trick out your Scion. TRD, and Toyota offer many upgrades for your Scion. Just go to the Scion website and check them out. There is some very cool stuff!



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Charley's Garage is located at:

4715 N. Broadway
Boulder, CO 80304

(303) 443-7714


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